General process of clothing customization

1.Find the right designer or tailor — you can waste money by finding the wrong person.

  1. Fully communicate with the designer — get to know each other, arouse emotions and inspire.
  2. Suggest your idea to the designer — for example, what style of clothes iron on stickers  you want, or point out your idol; Say your specific thing additionally –, for instance when need, your identity, role, stylist can help you synthesize consideration.

4.It’s for you.

5.The designer helps you draw the iron on transfers picture. If you can’t read the drawings, don’t pretend to   understand. Make sure the designer explains his or her intentions, ideas, details, etc.

  1. Try a sample, that is, a sample made of white cloth, which is called “blank” in the jargon.
  2. Select fabrics.
  3. Try to specify “semi-finished products” made of fabrics. Semi – finished collar, cuffs, shoulders can also be modified.
  4. For white billet, semi-finished iron on transfers product and finished product, haute couture must have more than three times of trial installation and continuous modification and improvement. For example, dior haute couture requires 10 times of trial installation.

10.Finish at the end.

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