Clothing customization development prospect

Open many companies CIS manual, we can see a very rich variety of iron on transfers projects. From the decoration of the whole building to the design of a pen, it can be described as meticulous; Unfortunately, uniform design, which is the most important part of corporate image, is often ignored in these CIS manuals. Even if there is some involvement, it is mostly limited to the standard color, logo and other simple combination of business suit, T-shirt or tie, no style at all.

As we know, uniform is a kind of clothing with strong professionalization and individualization. It requires not only the difference of colors, but also the diversification and functionalization of shapes.


, for example, A, B two companies use the same color as the logo color, and corporate clothing are positioned as A suit, so our planning designers can not only change the logo, and should take into account the characteristics of two different enterprise management characteristics – A enterprise is engaged in tourism, the leisure suit is designed for loose, some design, modelling to reaching epidemic, to show the vitality of the industry and relaxed atmosphere; As B is an insurance company, the suits iron on stickers should adopt a more classic and formal style to express the professional and rigorous spirit of the industry. In this way, the same tone, through the treatment of external lines, will make the two enterprises distinguish, form their own characteristics and style, corporate image more distinct and professional.

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