Thermal transfer materials

Lettering film main products TPU elastic lettering film, gold green lettering film, laser engraving film, fake metal custom tee shirt letters numbers film lettering, can print lettering film, PVC film, flocking lettering film, reflective/luminous lettering film, at the same time we also provide product solutions, implementation 10 minutes instant, there are a large number of products to choose from, experience the unique variety of colors and digital printing effect, has excellent water resistance and wide application field; To any type of light-colored fabric hot printing color and monochrome logo, including many functional clothing fabrics, printing a single pattern or tens of thousands of, high quality and high profit, using the common equipment in the market can be obtained!


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Decorative film meie decorative film base material adopts high-end parting paper, with high-quality surface effects, including: grid pattern, leather pattern, frosting, matte surface smooth, full of stars and so on. (the surface of decorative film is covered with a layer of PE protective film, which needs to be torn away before use.) meiyi heat transfer decorative film is applied to the surface decoration of heat-resistant textiles. As long as it is equipped with heat transfer printing machine and pattern cutting machine, the textile surface can be processed, so that the additional value of products can be unlimited. 4. Coating chemical has suitable thermal transfer coating chemical materials for different fabrics and customer requirements. Meiyike with professional technical team and equipment, to provide customized heat transfer materials special development services!



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