Hi,are you a game lover?

If you love games,you must know about LOL,produced by Fist company.Recently, a major event in lol is about to begin.

As the “protagonist” of this event, MSI will appear in the audience’s field of vision very frequently. MSI’s full English name is “Mid-Season Invitational”, which was translated as the “Mid-season Invitational of the Heroes League” in 2015 and later renamed “Mid-season Championship”. As a rare international event in the hero league, the gold content of MSI is second only to the S series Finals held annually, and only the spring champions of each major competition area are eligible to participate.






This is a video accompanied by our growth, accompanied us through nine years.Even if these games have not been finished for a long time, many of the characters are still vivid. Do you like T-shirts with heroic characters? Next, I will list some old photos. I hope you like them.If you want to design a hero’s image, expression, or action.you can turn to here:diyirononsticker@gmail.com.orwww.irononsticker.net.