Nowitzki serves as global ambassador for the basketball World Cup

Nowitzki serves as global ambassador for the basketball World Cup.

In 2011, after leading the Dallas Rangers to the first NBA championship in team history and becoming the most valuable player in the final, Nowitzki returned to the German national team to represent the team in the European Cup held in Lithuania.In 2015, Nowitzki played in the European Cup in Berlin and completed his national team farewell performance in front of the home fans.

Earlier this month, Nowitzki ended his 21-year legendary NBA career. From beginning to end, he only played for the Rangers.


He is one of the greatest players in international competitions and a pioneer in basketball. He has proved that big players can be an irresistible threat to the outside world as well as low-position singles.

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This year’s basketball World Cup will be attended by 32 teams for the first time. As a global ambassador, Nowitzki will participate in a series of promotion activities of the basketball World Cup.


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