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There are many heat transfer materials, such as hot melt film, engraving film, decorative film, release film and so on. So where are the main heat transfer materials distributed in general, and what can be done in those fields? Let me share with you.

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Heat transfer materials are mainly distributed in printing, clothing, shoes and hats, printing and other industries.

NFL logo iron on transfer

Garment industry: Here is the main part of the carving film: TPU carving film is suitable for designing larger areas of figures, letters and patterns; golden onion carving film is suitable for designing fine patterns, numbers and letters; light-color printable carving film is suitable for printing various color icons on light-color fabrics; dark-color printable carving film; suitable for printing various colors on any color fabrics. Icons and so on, different engraving membranes should pay attention to the application scope has been noted. However, all the applications of engraved membranes can be classified into ball suits, swimming suits, cycling suits, outdoor clothes, and so on.



Shoe cap, bag industry: Here we should emphasize that thermal transfer material thermosol can be used for seamless adhesion of shoe upper and garment. Of course, the engraving film can also be used for personality transfer of shoes and caps, logo, letters, etc.

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