Trump and Macron’s tree of friendship died, and Macron said he would send another one.

According to Reuters, the United States confirmed last weekend that the “Tree of Friendship” planted by French President Mark Long and President Trump at the White House during his visit to the United States last year had died. In response, Macron said, “I’ll give him another tree (Trump). It’s not a tragedy.” He also stressed that he hoped that the outside world would not over-interpret it.

According to the Guardian, in April last year, Macron and Trump planted a seedling on the South Lawn of the White House from the Belo Forest in France. During World War I, as a French ally, the U.S. Army fought fiercely with the German army in the Battle of Belo Forest, killing nearly 2,000 people. At that time, French and American media believed that the tree symbolized the friendship between the two countries and called it “the tree of friendship”.

External public opinion holds that the death of the tree planted by the head of the United States and France symbolizes the freezing point of the relationship between the United States and France. CNN commented that the death of the “Tree of Friendship” may not be a symbol of the state of relations between the two countries, but rather a reflection of the deterioration of the friendship between Trump and Mark Long. In an interview with French-language radio and television in Switzerland during the International Labour Organization (ILO) meeting, Macron said that the death of their co-planted tree did not give any signal, so don’t over-interpret it.

Trump and Macron have been at odds over issues such as the Iranian nuclear agreement and climate change, and Trump recently said it would impose a tax on French wine. Trump said in an interview with American media on the 10th that French wines can enter the United States duty-free, while American wines are subject to tariffs imposed by France. This arrangement is unfair. The United States will “do something” about the tariffs on French wines. Macron publicly criticized Trump last week for setting tariffs on “unreasonable grounds”.

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