Helicopter crash into edifice in New York: the pilot has reported losing his way

According to foreign media reports, a helicopter crashed on the roof of a building in New York City, USA, the pilot died. A U.S. official said Tuesday that the pilot had been told by radio that he had lost his way and that he could not find the helicopter airport.


The cause of the crash is still in progress. The pilot’s radio message or bad weather on the 10th day was the cause of the crash.


A helicopter crashed on the roof of a 54-storey office building in Manhattan, New York, on the afternoon of the 10th local time. There were no passengers on the helicopter, only one pilot. It is reported that it rained that day and the air was still foggy.


According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the pilots were authorized to fly only in good weather and visibility. According to regulations, the pilot’s visual flight visibility requirements are 4.8 kilometers, while on the 10th day, the incident area’s flight visibility is only 2 kilometers.


It is reported that before the helicopter crash, the pilot also used the helicopter to carry a passenger to a helicopter airport on the East River in New York City. The passenger said that everything was normal during the 15-minute flight.Investigators said the pilot waited at the airport for two hours and confirmed the weather conditions before taking off. Then he flew by helicopter to an airport in Linden, New Jersey. This route does not require pilots to contact air traffic control. It is reported that the helicopter is not equipped with flight data recorder and cockpit recorder.


According to Federal Aviation Administration records, the pilot who died was a fire chief of Clinton Konas. He had 15 years of experience driving helicopters and single-engine aircraft and was certified as a flight instructor in 2018.


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