The Warriors players have declared that they will be fighting for KD: hope to improve our performance.

On June 13,the warriors expressed their intention to fight for Durant. Iguodala said he hoped the slogan of fighting for Durant would really improve their performance in the game.

Durant was diagnosed with a rupture of the Achilles tendon and was successfully repaired in New York today. Durant’s injuries may have been anticipated by the warriors, but now all they have to do is fight for Durant and the championship. “As Clay Thompson said, to protect our home court, to get energy from the fans, to fight for Durant and to continue our season.” “Tomorrow you can get energy in many ways,” Curry said. We’ll be ready.”

The Warriors are currently 2-3 behind in the finals series. There is still no way out. According to the schedule, the sixth match will be held tomorrow and the seventh fight will be held on the seventeenth day. “We all saw Durant’s love for basketball,” said Draymond Green. “I think the 11 minutes he played were enough to give us the inspiration we needed. So now we should continue to work hard on this basis and try our best to complete the series in the right way.

After Durant was injured in Game 5, Cosins stepped forward and made a key contribution, scoring 14 points and six rebounds in 19 minutes. Cosins doesn’t know what he will do in tomorrow’s game, but he says he’s ready. “I’m not sure, but I make sure I’m ready when my name is called.” “Tomorrow’s game will be emotional anyway,” Cosins said. This is our last game at Oracle Stadium. I believe the fans will go all out. There will be a lot of passion and energy in this stadium, so it will be an epic night.

Yes, Durant needs to be in the right state of mind because he has to go through a long and boring recovery period. Leonard had a long recovery last season and he gave Durant some advice.

I can only give a suggestion for my own injury. We worked so hard to get to this point, but the game ruthlessly abandoned you. Now when your leg is injured, you can’t run, and you can’t do anything else. Leonard said, “So we need to change our minds, that is, to recover well, to concentrate on treatment, to believe that you can return to the game, and to return to the time you were still yourself, of course, confident that you can be completely healthy, you can return to the game, so now the task is to concentrate on treatment every day, don’t think about anything else.”

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