North control sent Tongxi 4 consecutive failures

On December 26, CBA’s 21st round continued. Tongxi, who had lost three times in a row, met with North control at home. At the beginning of the game, Fogg scored 11 points in a row. North control played a wave of 13-4. At the end of the first quarter, North control was temporarily ahead of 21-14. After the second quarter, the two teams had a climax of scoring. After half-time fighting, North control continued to lead 48-47. Yi Bian fought again, and Northern control continued to expand the difference. At the end of the third quarter, northern control opened the score 81-66. At the end of the last quarter, the two teams felt hot outside. Northern control fought back against Tongxi, and finally the whole game ended. Northern control defeated Tongxi in four straight games away.

Tong Xi (8-13): Joseph Yang 33:7, 7:5, Song Jianhua 20:11, 3:3, 3:2, cap, yabuzelai 16:8, Lu Wei 11:2, 2:2, Jacques Charlie 6

North control (13-8): Fuge 36:4:8:3:3, Thompson 26:15:3, sonny 18:8, Zhangfan 14:1, Wang Shaojie 4:7, Sun Yue 3:3:2, Wang Zirui 3:6

At the beginning of the game, North control quickly entered into the game state. Fogg scored 6 points in a row when his fire was fully open. Joseph Yang’s high jump shot stopped bleeding in time. Fogg hit three points in a row when he ignored the defense. Then he hit back and hit the layup at the speed of light. Fogg scored 11 points in a row and stopped at the same time. Wang Shaojie timely followed up the air pick-up, North control made a dream start of 13-4, Joseph Yang recovered in time, joined hands with Song Jianhua to score 6 points in a row, Thompson system dominated the inner line to score points continuously, Jacques Charlie hit against the defensive layup, Zhang Fan point open defense jump shot hit, Lu Wei quickly counterattacked the middle shot, the first section ended, North control 21-14 established the advantage.