Principal tower, London – fortes Architects

The completion of the principal tower is the last part of the master plan for the principal Plaza, a mixed use scheme at the junction of Shoreditch and the city of London, which creates a thriving new community using the rich industrial heritage of the area. It contains a 15 storey office building, the location of Amazon’s headquarters in London. Next to it is one of the tallest (50 storey) residential buildings in London. It has six small restaurants and a bar, forming a 360 degree active street environment, extending the vitality of the city to the north.

The relationship between the London financial centre and the east end of the creative industries is reflected in the volume of the tower, which looks like three slender volumes. Facing the residential area of Shoreditch, the tower is low from the ground level, while the west side reflects the high-rise buildings of the city. The central volume rises between the two, adding elegance to the skyline.

The 50 story building offers a variety of apartment types, with a spectacular penthouse at the top. From the inside out design, there are eight apartments on the standard floor: four two bedroom apartments and four one bedroom apartments. The square floor extends in the center of both sides to form a cross plan, the most important being eight corners, each forming a curved balcony. By maximizing the perimeter in this way, all units on the standard floor are double-layer facades, with the entrance centered in the apartment to eliminate unnecessary corridors. The bedroom is enclosed by solid siding to maintain privacy, while the rest of the apartment is protected by glass curtain walls and sun fins. Each apartment has a curved balcony at the corner, which provides a double-layer facade with a bronze appearance – from the outside, this softens the tower’s outline, adds rich texture, and forms a residential scale that contrasts with the surrounding typical urban buildings.