The function and influence of advertisement

Why do so many businesses desperately smash ads?

From an intuitive point of view, advertising seems to act directly on consumers. However, from the perspective of the overall situation, advertising is also shaping our social form. At the same time, it also changes the current situation of information asymmetry between the buyer and the seller in this market environment. In essence, it is a means of marketing communication.

Advertising is an important means to realize the sale of goods.

In today’s socialized mass production market economy, if an enterprise wants to get the opportunity to be selected, it must make advertisements to obtain enough information through advertisements. At the same time, it also realizes the overall close connection between production and production, between production and consumption, between production and circulation, and between circulation and consumption through the dissemination of advertisements. In this way, advertising has become an indispensable information channel for enterprises.

Advertising is an important means to build brand image and brand value.

Advertising is used to spread information. Advertising itself cannot change the quality of goods. However, advertising can create a unique brand personality. Enhance the value of goods in the hearts of consumers.