How does advertising affect consumer behavior?

People are lazy, and consumers don’t like to make changes, especially to pay for things like that. Because of inertia, people like to maintain their inherent thinking

Peacekeeping lifestyle. If we want consumers to change their buying behavior, we must overcome their inertia.

Copywriting must influence their behavior decisions and then allow consumers to automatically purchase.

How does advertising copy affect consumers’ purchase behavior?

  1. set goals

In high school, someone told me a story about a long run. Every time he takes part in a long-distance race, he will go to familiarize himself with running one day in advance


Apart from being familiar with the journey, he would make some marks on the way. To make a mark every few meters is to divide the whole process into many parts

A short paragraph. Every time he is exhausted, when he knows that he is only one step away from the next small goal, his motivation and pace will speed up


We know that consumer behavior is complex. There are four response level models in consumer response: attention interest, desire and action.

There are five stages in the purchase decision-making process: problem recognition information collection, scheme evaluation, purchase decision-making and post purchase behavior.

Let’s set a small goal first, for example, let consumers know the problem first, for example, leave a contact information first.