LeBron, Janice and Leonard in the fourth quarter of the All Star Game

The all star game in 2020 is the most wonderful match since 2001.

Finally, I got rid of the boring repetition of “everyone doesn’t really play, I’m embarrassed to play; it’s not good to dunk directly, so I have to throw three points or fancy dunks.”.

There is an extra “gather a group, five balls, let’s play” spirit.

In the fourth quarter, the score was 33-22, not as gorgeous as 53-41 in the first quarter. However, that’s the top basketball match. It’s what the 2020 playoffs, the finals and even the future basketball might look like.

The fourth quarter, the red team 22 points, only one assists.

Because when the blue team is attacking, three people are basically on the line; when the defense is retreating and changing, they stand for joint defense for a short time, and fall into position to fight 2-3 or 2-1-2; when the opponent is not under the basket, they don’t attack, but rely on life to carry; the attack is mainly strong side, weak side sweeping: Leonard’s cruising on the weak side also has effect.

So the red team relied on ebbed, one by one: they scored in the fourth quarter, basically from ebbed and Walker.

That’s what the blue team does well in defense.