Why does NBA rarely press defense?

The biggest condition for tight defense to be effective is that the opposite guard is weak and has poor ball control… Who in the NBA is going to press Owen? Don’t say it’s pressing. If you get a little closer, you’ll be passed… At the Olympic Games, why did the U.S. team press the defense so steadily? Because the strength gap is too big, we have to admit that the U.S. players and other countries’ players are not at the same level, and their physical fitness and basketball skills are leading by a large margin.. But NBA sometimes close to you, but at that time it’s time for bayonet to see red and play with you, at the expense of physical strength to fight with you. Interested friends can see the playoff Cavaliers vs. warriors, de la Vida to curry’s sexual harassment defense, the whole physical chase. It’s really hard on Curie. But it’s also based on the fact that Curie’s confrontation is a little worse, and that dravidva’s physical strength is amazing.