Don’t be too rational in advertising

Only when users compare multiple brands, rational decision-making can appear. However, because there is no single variable between two brand products, complete rational decision-making does not exist.

The function of advertisement is communication and persuasion. The skill is that if your product does not have overwhelming product highlights or performance advantages, the main way of advertisement should be to find resonance, and its logicality should be second to none.

I have always had a point of view that good advertising or copywriting, in fact, can’t stand logical scrutiny. An excellent advertising creative personnel, must learn to get rid of the shackles of logic, learn a bit of flying in the sky. Because the important creative method is analogy, but if you can really analogize something of a product from a rational point of view, only it itself, then your advertisement will become a manual.

Let’s take a look at the so-called omnipotent formula “XXX, choose XXX”. This is a formula that can be directly applied to fool the boss if you don’t know how to write the advertising language, but it is actually very effective and suitable for brand occupation.

For example, the well-known “give me white gold for gifts” and “drink Wang Laoji for fear of getting angry” can help users reduce the difficulty of logical thinking and effectively highlight product benefits, but they didn’t tell users why. If we carefully study the advertisements we encounter every day (though few people do), we will find that almost all advertisements are “brainless”.