How about 3D heat transfer machine?

Heat transfer machine is a kind of machine with a wide range of printing. For example, in order to make the surface pictures of cups, hats and other products look more realistic, there will be special heat transfer equipment for processing and manufacturing. 3D heat transfer machine is very suitable for transparent products, because it can make the effect of heat transfer better on the surface of these objects. The 3D heat transfer machine adopts the heat transfer technology, which can be called crystal UV curing technology.

The heat transfer technology of 3D heat transfer machine can achieve the desired effect in color, cost, image firmness, etc., which is a relatively mature processing technology. For example, if we print the product pattern on the glass, we can print the pictures and texts on the glass surface with proper baking. There are many advantages of 3D heat transfer machine:

  1. It can be formed in one time with high stability
  2. High production efficiency, little rework rate
  3. The coverage area of the product reaches 100%
  4. There will be no cracks in the production process, and the surface of the processed product is flat and smooth with perfect appearance
  5. Easy operation, safety and environmental protection

3D heat transfer machine is widely used in many industries. The printing process is simple and convenient, which can solve many problems of product printing. It is a kind of equipment loved by the printing industry.