The Russian world cup

Well, all the fans, the countdown to the Russian world cup is on. 321 are you ready, my friends all over the world? Today is the opening day of the world cup, and it is also the day when all the fans are crazy and shouting. To be honest, range’s mood is like this. True love is so palpitating. After four years of hard waiting, I finally wait for you. Of course, at this time, many friends come to me and ask me how I can disguise myself as fans in the circle of friends. Generally speaking, every time we go to the world cup, there will be three kinds of people in our circle of friends. Of course, they are real fans. Non fans are the kind of teams that have to watch the live broadcast even if they are going to work tomorrow. For every team in the top 32 of the world cup, they always watch the ball with the team as the center. The other kind is the fake fans and fake fans. Generally, they only like the teams with famous stars.

Even the basic rules of the game, not very, understand, are always with the star as the center to watch the ball, and only according to the news and then strong follow the trend, a wave, then in addition to these two kinds of ah, there are a group of gourd eating people, ah, unlike true and false fans, they don’t care which team wins or who can.

In the group match, their attention will always be there. Oh, which star is the most handsome, which football baby is the most beautiful, and which star has the scandal, the most exciting, ah, etc. in fact, every world cup has fascinating points, and the first Russian World Cup held in the Eastern European countries also fills the fans all over the world. For example, with the rise of new forces in football, there will be two new faces in this year’s World Cup in Russia. One is Iceland in northern Europe, and the other is Panama in Central America. There are only 320000 people in Iceland, the least populous country in the previous World Cup. Let’s not only exclaim, but how can Iceland choose eleven of 320000 people from among them to participate in the world’s top football match? However, we don’t need to talk about it if you know it. Besides the new faces, there are also old friends who have participated in the first World Cup in 1930 The national team of Peru has not been involved in the World Cup since 1982. This year, they finally dive in-depth. After 36 years, I am curious to see if this team, which has been in breach for a long time, can make another success.