Rockets give up Paul!

So today to discuss, ah, a hot topic of netizens is the hot topic of friends in the group. Let’s talk about it briefly. To get to the point, it’s possible for the Rockets to trade Paul away. The Suns have a group of contracts to accept Paul. Er, there is no official signal, but from the public opinion among fans. At the beginning, there was such a rumor that we would like to talk about it. If we can make a deal, you should ask me if you don’t stink, cobbler, I’ll tell you it’s possible, and there are both sides.

On both sides, ah, for now, I’m talking about it on the grapevine. There’s one on both sides. I don’t think anyone will suffer a loss. Why? Say ah, how do you know? The Rockets have talked about it before, and we said it last year. Last year, when we played the playoffs, we said that last year was the best opportunity, right? This year’s opportunity is a little bit worse, right? The next year’s opportunity is even worse. Because Paul’s contract has been overstocked, it has been gradually deepened and deepened, money and money plus.

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