the importance of Leonard and Jimmy Butler

Jim Butler doesn’t touch Leonard Paul George, Owen. We said we were.

Accountant, in the middle of the season, he said that there were three major introductions, three steps and three stages, right? Well, the importance of Leonard and Jimmy Butler, right? At that time, Jimmy Butler and Leonard had not played in the playoffs. Ah, but you can see the level of Leonard and Jimmy Butler after playing the playoffs, ah, how about the level of Leonard. Heavy is not important, strong is not strong, sweat is right, match, James, do you think it’s OK, right? You have netizens to say, James and Owen, ah, it’s good to return, ah, also hope to see this hero play, put on, right? But James is going to win the championship, right? Owen’s again into James. It’s still explosive. Ah, I think it’s also a kind of ridicule to Owen’s career. It’s really complete and complete. I asked, it’s very ugly now, it’s hard to do it, but it’s embarrassing and embarrassing. Some foreign media have reported that Owen is in the team, and he has been excluded. Right? In the middle of the season, we say there are such signs. Leonard, as soon as Owen plays, the Celtics will relax Owen. After the game, the Celtics will be nervous, right? Owen will play, Celtic team will lose and Owen will go down to Celtic team to win. He said that he has been doing such a mess for a long time. Is there still a medium-term trade for Anthony Davis

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