the Nuggets have a strong advantage

Looking at the situation, I think the Nuggets are more likely to work. If the Rockets advance to the western finals, I think it’s better to open the memorial, because the Nuggets have a strong advantage in the internal line, and the more passionate they are, the more likely they are to default. There are also some uncertainties, such as, oh, I personally think that the first year of menstruation can play the playoffs like this is quite remarkable, quite good, this evolution speed we say very fast, very fast, although some netizens said his defense, slow moving, ah, merger and acquisition of some content, but so big. Brother, how fast can you tell her? Although, there is no movement, speed, no defense area, but the volume of defensive volume is still in ah, so, on the position of kabella, ah, not on the rocket, kabella can not on any of the rocket’s interior lines, the fire line needs to eat a pound of water, so to say.

But if we can choose the opponents, I think if the Rockets can advance to the western finals, then I, the Blazers, beat the Nuggets and meet with the Rockets, because I hope very much that the Rockets have many international fans, many key Rocket fans and many fans. Right? If you can make it to the western finals, you can get to the finals. If you play in the finals, you will have a great chance to win the championship. It’s hard to imagine that Lillard can make it to the finals and then win the cup. Although there are many fans, ah, there are always some fans in Lida. Maybe we can’t accept it. Why can’t we win the championship? Well, we hope that a more capable and better team will go to the final.

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