We just love Kobe!

It’s possible that the hero thinks the same thing, because basketball is such a thing. You answered a netizen’s comment, which was very good, very good. So we all read the comments, sometimes it was too late, but we would all read it. Ah, for those groundless accusations, we had already scolded these netizens for watching the true love.

Well, if we use improper speech or uncivilized language, we will directly get black. Of course, we have to see your concern. If we subscribe to our program, we can just open it up. Well, we can handle it according to our own discretion. If we do not subscribe to our program, we should pay attention to it. That is to say, when you enter a small black room, sometimes you can’t turn over. Er, you have to keep doing it all the time. In the future, maybe 10000 subscribers, 10000 fans, 20000 35000 can keep doing it all the time, then. Let’s talk about it again. We pay attention to the comments of netizens. We have said that Kobe is an excellent player, but it has no record. Don’t talk about the record. Talk about the record. For his personal record, what is personal record? I don’t need to say more. There is no foundation and no progress. You can go over it. If you think you can leave a message for us sometimes, what kind of record are you? Don’t talk about personal record.

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