History cannot be copied!

In the last episode of our program, we discussed the personal positioning and meaning of superstars. In fact, as early as, er, last year, we had a program about the top 10. There are also a lot of comments on the judging criteria and the status of historical players. There are some in this program. You can go over them. So this program is mainly about the feeling or idea of the individual Kuri. Well, it is also about the player. I understand. I think Curie is a tragic hero. Ha ha, although he has won so many championships, his historical position should not only stay in the present place, but also have a good chance to have a good prospect. I can go to a higher level.

It’s a big leap. But up to now, a good game of chess has been rotten. It’s really a pity. Some netizens think that we are always black coolie all day. It’s not progress. We always think that Curie is an excellent player. It’s true that curry was delayed because of the current situation. In terms of personal ability, it’s second to none. The talent level players in history have no sincerity, right? But it’s also because of all kinds of errors. First of all, Curie gave birth to a wrong era.

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