70 years NBA interior overlord more into cattle hair!

We have said in the last program that in the past 20 years, in the past 10 years, Zheng Yingwu Hao has been a center for several people to get the MVP, and several people have led the team to get it. The league is the first in the league. In addition to Duncan, how many people can count on Duncan can to know the position of the center in the interior line. In fact, the standard is not unified and the standard is not clear. It is very, very, very. It’s just like this. So you have to say whether the contract teacher can lead the NBA to a new height or become a model.

What a model to lead you to follow. I think this possibility is almost zero and less than 1%. First of all, there is a shortage of such players. There are very few players with such ability, including the American basketball training knife since childhood. Inside players don’t play in this way. You can take a look at these players. They are all international players. International Men’s basketball players. Therefore, the internal playing methods of local players in the United States are cultivated from the above training mechanism

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