the Rockets will greatly

On the contrary, we say that the Blazers are the same as the Mars team. The stable lineup is extremely unstable. Let’s say that the Blazers team is not very optimistic about it. In the next few years, I will not be optimistic about it and will not spend much money. Although the boss has money, he will not and will not operate well.

Now Morey’s contract has been renewed for four years and five years. It’s a long contract. The Rockets are very sure of the work done by Morey in recent years. I think it’s also true that the promotion of the Rockets will greatly help our pioneers. The management team should do a good job of introspection. Recruit some big medical teams. It should also reflect on it. Why are so many poor people unwilling to come here? Do you want to harm yourself? If you are a good person, pioneers must be disabled. Ah, I think so. Or star temperament, um, this is not so reassuring ah, on the one of Li Da, mclem’s line is also good, at most, it is a second in charge, you need to develop ah, in this team, if the second two masters do not have the strength to be a big leader or not. This kind of state of mind is a terrible thing to be a big leader.

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