Eastern playoffs in bud!

Let’s talk about the situation of the eastern playoffs. In fact, the situation of the eastern and Western playoffs is the same. Teams outside the playoffs have basically locked in lotto. 678 this position also needs to be adjusted, who in the end in the six who is angry who in the bar, then 12345 and the eastern 12345 ah, in fact, is not much difference is Celtic team in this position can be up and down. 34 for yes, it is similar to the thunder and Blazers in the East and west of the fire. The Pacers and 76 Pacers in this position are also the teams that are most likely to be overturned in the first half of the season, if they encounter the nets.

So it’s possible to be overturned and hit the pistons. It’s the same as the pioneers who went back a little bit in the West. Last year, we said that the Blazers’ team will encounter a series of problems when they play in the playoffs. Yes, it’s not necessarily the most likely one to be overturned. Zun’s last journey was overturned. It’s a pity that Anthony Davis, lilrod and Anthony Davies hollodi have been turned over. It’s a pity that we can’t do that. Today, without aladdibo, our competitiveness is also worrying

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