If you want to replace this Magic Johnson

Back at home, back in Los Angeles, you’ll see how to deal with Walton, how to deal with him, I don’t think we need to discuss whether we can play in the playoffs at this time. The next head coach’s candidate list is mentioned.

Oh, it’s especially important on the agenda. When these players get together, you should not only have a higher allocation of the players in the team, but also the coaching level of your coach. Otherwise, I’ll give it to you as if you won’t die and hit your head. For example, lighters, fire samples all over the world, and explosive bags all over the world are very dangerous, very dangerous. So Wharton, ah, I personally think it’s only in seconds to remove Wharton. Before counting by seconds, we used to say, ah, it’s the Lakers. After 35 games, we said that Wharton’s coaching level was worrying. If you want to replace this Magic Johnson, you might as well guess Wharton first. Magic Johnson is also wrong. There was also a question about Anthony Davis’s purchase. Ah, we said at the beginning that you threw such a big chip directly out of the bag. You threw it out without any cover. Right? You didn’t succeed. You became a person. Now you became a person. If you didn’t succeed, you would be finished

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