Lopez is the absolute core

You can observe the Bucks’ new tactical characteristics. In addition to the letter song, we think Lopez is the absolute core point of the team. You can see that such a big inside player is in every attack. This is a distinctive feature. You can see from many games that there is no team in the league, and no big brother plays how to play. Including, ah, it doesn’t go into every ball. It doesn’t play inside, unless it meets the small players of the other side after the misplaced change of defense. To Owen’s position, smart’s position, then sit inside and play. You’re embarrassed if you don’t play, but you can change to this time.

This, Morris and hofford are basically sitting in two positions, the bottom corner of the position, waiting for the three-point projection. As we said before, as a big interior player, the average three-point shooting rate is 3 times 73 times 8, and the number of hits is 2.5. This is quite terrible. The league can have this. This performance of the players, a few, MI, rotic, is one, and now the bucks in class, row, and then these brands are concentrated in their own hands, Lopez, Miluo area, ah, all, eager to prepare this set of lineup to this set of methods.

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