Is the playoffs complete without James?

Paul’s, the role of self-taught freshmen in the end is worth ah, this question has been answered a lot of times, but also back for a long time, Paul’s role reflects the playoffs, now the regular season. You have too many demands on him. Well, if you want to keep 100% of the reserves out now, it is very likely to be injured. Paul has been injured for so many years. Every time in the playoffs, it is very difficult for him to get injured. This is the problem of being too old. When you play this, you have to face some problems in the year. How about these veteran players. Basically, all the energy is put into the playoffs. In the playoffs, you are looking at whether Paul’s contract is worth it or not. These players have been with Paul for a few months. It’s better to run. As long as you are willing to run, Paul’s ball will arrive and you can easily score.

Its function is to make you score easily. Ah, although the shooting rate is not high, it can be said that it is very low. The ethnic groups in Sichuan also have a little more appearance. So, er, you can’t do without casting, right? If you don’t throw, you will lose the threat, right? Well, it’s just like this. It’s so long. It’s too much, right? But he still has to cast or not. It’s going to lose, threat

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