warriors and so on

When you don’t do this, but you need white people to do these things, you will feel very strange, right? There are old fans who don’t like this, warriors and so on. Right? There are too many young fans who don’t understand basketball. He thinks these basketball. There was no element of concept basketball in that era, right? So it was necessary to have a process to contact with new things frequently, right? So the antagonism between old fans and superstar fans is also a normal phenomenon, which seems to be a normal phenomenon, which is quite normal. It’s strange, yes, but from the perspective of development, ah, personally, I don’t think there is any confrontation in basketball. What kind of games and sports do you mean? There is no confrontation in the physical contact, right? Now basketball doesn’t see confrontation, including Hadden.

Kuri and other three-point are called movies, right? So many fans ah, yes, three harden films, ball, sponsorship, cheating foul, this is ah, as for, don’t you know, don’t eat, that is, as a man’s sport, is it right, ah, it embodies strength and beauty, right? Well, you all depend on it. The film, ah, obviously not even. I saw it in the foreign media today, it should not be. It should be, er, outside. It seems that tiger puff lists five star players, James Durant, harden Owen, and the driving experience of these five people. One is, a pair of five people, if the last point situation falls after a point, ah, who do you give the last ball to? This question has formed a heated discussion

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