the Suns had already played behind

Now, what’s the problem with removing Annise. The army now has a clear understanding of the position of Fengxian County. Well, a trace of it is not enough. With the project special, it is basically useless. When we play in the playoffs, we say that according to D’Antoni’s style, he will never trust such a young player.

That’s normal. No matter the Suns were back then, ah, the Suns had already played behind. In the regular season, there were nine rounds of rotation, ten person rotation and ten person rotation. When playing in the playoffs, there were so few suns, ah, very, very many. Maybe there was a team with six or seven players who often scored double in seven. Ah, there is also a team, which is very terrible. In those years, the warriors are the same. Some people, I remember correctly, were eight people or nine people, eight people scored double, and seven people scored double. Oh, in the regular season, seven people scored in double, so the Warriors were always eight. Score, double ah, I remember correctly, ah, welcome to the face, then play to the playoffs, D’Antoni, is not at ease, last year is also a very good example is playing, ah, Paul injured after fighting warriors, ah, with practical use there are so seven people, the eighth person support, that is, never get the chance to play.

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