Copy 65! Hit the playoffs!

The Rockets, too, dumped him. Ah, here comes Chris Wright. We said that Chris was useless, useless, unable to play cards and substitutes. Now he’s gone, right? The light contract must be disposed of, and now it’s also disposed of. Then, when it comes to the middle of the season, ah, there’s always a problem with the three guards, and the lineup is always there. It’s also changing all the time. Ah, you’re also using it, right? Er, when you’re playing in the middle of the game, well, No. 3 position is missing. Ah, three front lines and three guards are used to play this alternate front line. This position is three guards. After a period of good results, we said that if there is a problem, it is easy to get sick if there is a problem. Ah, small athletes must head to three to 40 positions. This is too dangerous. Paul will be injured the next day, right? After Paul’s injury, we will say to move rivers quickly, right. Rivers, we quickly tired up, we are, Morrey’s Ascaris, ah, no girl Ascaris, fermented very good ah, OK, play a no forward lineup, right, non kapua’s substitute, you can see the time to verify, he flies to kapua, substitute ah, is not a card can not play this position.

After the card is brought, it will still be played as usual. If the card is brushed down, the penalty free one will be played. The Rockets will play two sets of lineups and constantly use the game to verify our statement. Now, I have not said, ah, I said before that the Rockets still have to make up or it is a law. When it comes, it is dangerous. No, no, no, no, then we played a few games to see. Ah, no, no, you didn’t make up for it. One of the invoice’s people didn’t work, right? We had to make up for it. Let’s see Wright and the first round signing to make up for a forward. If, trade, ah, with Gordon, we need to make up an excellent let the Rockets. The fans won’t be disappointed

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