James has to play the wrong way

If you want to trade, it’s good that these young players are sent out, and the team is stabilized. James Anthony Davis, James Anthony, Garnett is interesting to form this, this, this basic core, right, and then add some others. This, the edge, the corner, ah, with a bit of coordination, this year to reach the playoffs, next year to prepare for the three giants to compete for the championship, ah, this is a relatively ideal one. If the transaction fails, it will lose the possibility of the playoffs. Now the Laker playoffs, ah, need to be fast fleet three.

Normal, ah, 27 years old, 30 wins, ah, and I looked at the pistons, the Lakers, the clippers, ah, now there are still a few games to play, it may be more Gallas, less than four or five games, how to catch up with more than 20 games. I’m too tired. I have to rely on these young players for crazy performance. I can’t do it. James has to play the wrong way. I really want to play in the playoffs. I can’t buy anything when I get to eighth in the playoffs. I think it’s because of the 4-0 sweeping rhythm with the warriors. Magician, Johnson, ah, this kind of operation is really not flattering

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