You said, well, Peter must impress Corzine? Corzine is so, big and heavy, isn’t he? Obviously, Peter doesn’t have an advantage in physique. Why do you have to use your own body to carry your body? You must use it. Technology uses your strengths to attack the opponent’s weaknesses. The resistance to attack is that the movement speed is slow. Now, because of the injury during this period of time, maybe because of this period of time, the body, ah, is obviously fat. This feeling is bloated a lot, hoping to pass 30 games.

Yes, let’s practice this technical quality. Ah, this morning, it was reported that the best in the East and the west, the best in the East, the best in the month, Kosin, and the best month in the east of South Island, enbid, were elected successfully. Right, we won’t say much, right? Is there any controversy about the first center in the league. Ah, this thing is not me, anemia is recognized by everyone. It’s so simple, right? People say that kaoxins still wants to compete with enbid, the first center in the league, and I think you can say these things. The painting is also very thick skinned. Really, the comments are very good. Let’s take a look at what kind of white soldiers the Rockets are like. But I don’t think it’s very useful to go there, because ah, the contract teacher is not that kind. Er, he plays with you in a regular way. He is a technical school, but he is on any subject. opponent

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