Super star privileges!

In fact, the last program talked about the problem of Sam’s coach. This coach is a problem. Let’s have a good talk. You think everyone has such good luck, ah, to be under Phil Jackson’s command. Do you think everyone has such a chance? How many do you think James doesn’t want to be the same age as Phil Jackson and Popovich? At that time, James still had the chance to go to the Spurs. I was scolded by you for betraying the country. With Qiu Rong, right? It’s very difficult for the mouse to go to the tent by you. Zhan Hei, the topic has gone, right? It’s really hard to be a star player. It’s hard. It’s hard to be a star player. What kind of coach does James match? What’s Brown? Where is Blatter.

You don’t even have a job. The screw is off. No one knows what his ability is. You can play the finals for me. If you don’t have the finals, show me the eastern finals. If you don’t have the eastern finals, you can play the eastern semi-finals. Show me. You are the master

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