Each game has to shoot more than 10 times 10 56 times

How, he can win now, I don’t quite understand ah, I have no way to play, I don’t know where to go, look, some fans can give me a post or guidance, let me observe the shooting rate is so low, right, but also win the game, what is the situation? Crazy life.

One after another, each game has to shoot more than 10 times 10 56 times, like this 22 times on the anniversary, so many, so many catching up steps are very close, Kuri fans, you should know, ah, Curie fans, very close, Kuri is now, 2490 Hadden should be now. A few days ago, the data, 2040 or 60 is 450, 460 or so, a single season harden level is still 370 should not be a problem, today if each game throw 5, but also full attendance, it will be able to break the record of 400 points.

The record of 100 points is a little difficult. It depends on persistence, right? Of course, if he really throws it down like this, you can’t guarantee 400 three points. I’ll say, turn it over. You, Hadden, are still younger than curry, right? Ah, if you turn it over, you’ll be tied next year and even in the next year, right.

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