But it is because of the good system

It’s hard to match. Yes, it’s not superior, but it’s enough to play against other teams and other teams. So, the champion team should also find a sense of superiority in them. Well, I’ll play these risks to see if it’s OK, because he’s the three players who test their ability. Individual defense, ability, is not excellent, but cooperative defense ability, the defense system of the Jazz team, it is better, right? Two white people, you say how much athletic ability he has, right? Plus, Jeffrey green is also older and older, right? Sports ability is not good. How many sports ability do you have in the end, but it is because of the good system. The key is because there are friends, ah, there is gobel, so the achievement of this, outside the system players can be a little easier, as long as you have a body and your position, then you can block the opponent’s front line. Basically, it is a team with strong risk. Well, one is Simmons. Hofford, plus Harris, these three people. If these three people can’t do the opposite three, will you feel a little bit embarrassed? OK, so we should clearly recognize the Jazz team, and realize that this head is very tired for an orange team which is a career champion team.

It’s a very test of your team’s comprehensive strength. The 76ers didn’t lose far. Now from the first in the east to the fourth in the East, the first in the East is Celtic. You can, imagine, when you play at the beginning of the season, you can imagine that Celtic team will reach the top of the Eastern League. We remember. Let’s see, Celtic may not be able to be on it in the end, but we have always said that Celtic team is the biggest tiger in the East.

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