Now the game is back to 20 points per game

In this case, the score of more than ten points is fair, right? Even we think we can be traded. I still think that we can be traded. We can make 17 out of 20 shots, 3-out of 4-out of 20. If we calculate this, we’ll get 39 points out of two. Well, now the game is back to 20 points per game.

You, take 35 million ah, you play, not enough 20 points per game, I’m really sorry, your price ah, then can you play later, so, oh, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t think I’m very optimistic about it personally, oh, Hayward can reach 20 points per game. First of all, the team should cultivate him, DOM, the first and second, and Walker.

Ah, the scorer, ah, there is not much room for him to take all the shots. So if you want to use the limited mobile phone, it will take 20 points for a long army, right? Tatum also needs to average 20 points per game. And, CDMA Walker also has 20 points per game. After reading, he has to take out the third.

Ah, the third person also wants to rush out, the long army 20 points, right? Oh, I think if you can play such a Celtic, you don’t need to change the Celtic team, you can play with other people. It can only be said that it is just playing. If you want to beat the sea fog of the 76ers, you must become the music that this player has been drawn.

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