The utilization rate of the team in the regular season is very low

I’m possible, but igordala’s salary is too high. 17 million. He’s not 10 million, not 7 million, but 17 million. You have to use most of the rubbish contracts in the whole team. In other words, some three to four four four to five players with 23 million annual salary. Trade, we have to get one. Playing igdala can’t play the whole season.

The utilization rate of the team in the regular season is very low. We have to make three or four positions available. We need to reach the list of 15 players through signing players. It is too heavy for a team, of course. I’m talking about the teams that the champion teams need to compete for the championship. The 76ers are against the Lakers, the Rockets, ah, including the Clippers. The operation of these teams is possible for other teams.

Well, for other teams, we say that we can’t rule out this possibility. Other teams will get some 35 million. It’s reasonable to exchange three or four junk contracts for one, and Dalai’s one expired contract is to set up some draft rights. However, whether igordala can go, whether he is willing to play or not is a problem. After all, igdala is old and may face retirement after playing this season, so for the Grizzlies.

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