Then there are no other players willing to assist the team that has been in the top of the wave

If you come here, it’s almost impossible. It’s almost impossible. And now many fans can see that you hope that your season will be reimbursed. I hope you can quickly destroy the broken boat. Through a simple thing, you can observe the current multimedia, fans, and so on. Predestined, they all hold a negative attitude towards penetration. After A200 and Paul George move into the clippers, the Clippers should not have too much in the introduction of free players.

There is no player in this direction. You can tell which player the powerful clippers are willing to deal with for the Clippers. Win the championship, right? From the fans’ point of view, the players’ point of view is not optimistic that the clippers can meet the championship in the 19-20 season. Then there are no other players willing to assist the team that has been in the top of the wave. Ah, the wind is so bad. You have too many precious teams, don’t you know.

There are three in the West and three in the East. Right, there are six or seven teams in the East and the West. I don’t have to choose you. The Clippers are the two of you who play well and Paul George. If we don’t play well, we have to be attacked by these fans because Leonard and Paul George.

These two goals are too big. Ah, well, they will be indirectly hurt. So now, the Clippers don’t think they are very stable. I can even say that I even think that they are in the crisis. Ah, new season must be played, good results, otherwise this team will never be a success. Even if you, Paul, George and Leonard, can’t afford it. How about the Clippers? This is the end of this program. I hope you like to subscribe to small or chocolate.

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