Duke’s Grayson Allenlogo iron on transfer stickers helps doppelganger Ted Cruz beat Jimmy Kimmel in basketball

The moment college basketball fans <a href=”https://www.diytransfers.com/nhl-transfers-nhl-super-heroes-logos-c-2_774_4022.html”>Calgary Flames super heroes diy logo stickers</a> have eagerly been awaiting for four years has finally transpired. Grayson Allen and his doppelganger,Sen. Ted Cruz,met in person in the name of basketball.

Allen on how Coach K helped him move past his tripping saga
Cruz picked up Allen as a stand-in ahead of his one-on-one showdown with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel,and he doubled as a good luck charm. Cruz won the match 11-9 on Saturday,and while highlights of the event won’t be aired on TV until Monday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” we have this glorious photo to show for it:

Picking up my stand in… are you ready,@jimmykimmel? #KimmelvsCruz #CruzToVictory pic.twitter.com/z8LGoM0ljV

Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) June 16,2018
So how in the world did Allen and Cruz finally meet up,and more importantly,why is a <a href=”http://www.patchesdiy.com/nba-decoration-c-1064.html”>NBA custom iron on patches</a> U.S. senator going toe-to-toe with a late night <a href=”http://www.alizarincanada.com/heat-transfer-material-heat-transfer-vinyl-c-4_482.html”>t shirt vinyl logo transfers</a> host on the hardwood?

It all started <a href=”http://www.logotransfers.com/decalsstickers-nba-stickers-c-326_906.html”>Miami Heat custom logo decals stickers</a> when Kimmel compared Cruz to a “blobfish” after seeing him in Game 7 <a href=”https://www.irononsticker.net/nba-basketball-ironons-nba-superman-logos-iron-ons-c-555_357_113_1759.html”>Toronto Raptors superman logo iron on stickers</a> of the Western Conference finals,which led Cruz to challenge him in a game of one-on-one in an event that,fittingly,was labeled “The Blobfish Basketball Classic.”

#KimmelvsCruz is going down TONIGHT in Houston! Be sure to watch the #BlobfishBasketballClassic on #Kimmel MONDAY at 11:3510:35c on ABC! #Cruzin4aLosin pic.twitter.com/y6WGwjPGPS

Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) June 16,2018
The event was more than just for fun,but also for charity. Kimmel played for the Texas Children’s Hospital and Cruz played for Generation One — an early-childhood education group.

Though Cruz took home the W over Kimmel and $5,000 for his charity,the late-night host didn’t pause his trash talk. Here’s to hoping we get a rematch for another <a href=”https://www.irononsticker.com/college-sports-ironons-ncaa-division-i-im-team-logos-c-17_13_286_328.html”>NCAA iron on stickers</a> great cause soon.

.@JimmyKimmel to @TedCruz,post-game: “You are a good <a href=”http://www.fullcolortransfer.com/nfl-transfers-c-2_775.html”>NFL teams full color logo transfers</a> sport. I still think you are <a href=”https://www.irononsticker.net/sports-iron-ons-custom-nba-teams-ironons-c-555_1422.html”>Golden State Warriors custom iron on transfers</a> a terrible senator.”

Patrick Svitek (@PatrickSvitek) June 17,2018