iron on transfer materials also have these things!

iron on transfer materials also have these things! Heat transfer vinyl such as lettering
film, hot stamping, decorative film, hot melt film, release film these are familiar to everyone,
we provides from release substrate, release agent, thermal transfer screen printing ink, thermal
transfer water-based paste and glue and other products and materials. To introduce you do not know
or do not understand the heat transfer materials.

1. Anti-sublimation pulpiron on transfer
Anti-sublimation pulp is used for TC cloth and other sublimation dye barrier and absorption, the
product feel rough, inelastic, film is hard, blocking time eat that, the anti-sublimation effect
is prominent, and most of the ink layer adhesion between good, washable not stratified, suitable
for the sublimation of hot stamping screen printing production.

2. The foam slurry
Using high polymer resin as the main raw material, good foaming effect, strong stereoscopic sense,
soft feel, excellent inter layer bonding force, suitable for low temperature foaming hot stamping
screen printing production.

3. The function of plasma
Using water-based resin as the main raw material, the Heat transfer vinyl product has ordinary grade, elastic grade,
used for scallion scallion paste, good washing fastness, high transparency of dry film, can make
the effect of scallion fully show.hulk ALBANIA Flag