Advantages of heat transfer printing

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— traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, cannot achieve all color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have clear color boundaries. In the middle of two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. However, many iron on transfers products need to print high-precision and high-complexity patterns such as trademarks and logos, so gifts and handicrafts are more widely used. Universal printer can perfectly meet the demand, fully reflects the strong market potential. Breakthrough screen printing, thermal transfer printing and other printing methods brought about by the bottleneck for customers to find a new profit growth point.


Professional use


— the universal printer can change the content and effect of printing at any time. One-to-one digital printing can be carried out without plate making. There are product codes on the metal nameplates behind many products, and each group of codes corresponds to each product. For example, the number badge and work permit of the factory staff can also be printed based on the one-to-one number, and the head picture can also be added. The process is simple and cheap.


Multiple printing


— in terms of the printing industry, there are professional distinctions, such as the traditional printing of leather industry: screen printing with single color and simple transition color; Large leather printing machine is expensive and requires high material quality. Heat transfer destroys the material. The traditional printing method of the crystal industry is the crystal laminating process. Plexiglass industry is screen printing, metal industry is more use of heat transfer printing. So once you have a universal printer, you have a competitive advantage over your peers.


Thermal iron on transfer printing can be divided into plane transfer printing and surface transfer printing, plane transfer printing can only transfer the things of the plane, and surface transfer printing to achieve a breakthrough, to achieve any object can be printed. Meilun vision’s surface transfer equipment is to achieve any specification can be customized function, breaking through the bottleneck of the transfer industry

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