What are the advantages and disadvantages of lettering film?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lettering film? Every coin has two sides, the same lettering film also has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of lettering film ,with the footsteps of Great people can change the rotten into the magic, let us witness how the lettering film breakthrough shortcomings, create new things.

One, the advantages of lettering film: 24 colors, multi color optional. With soft feel, stretch high cover, easy to carve and cut, waste characteristics. At the same time through the hot stamping deformation, environmental protection non-toxic, suitable for a variety of textiles on the hot stamping personality pattern. Ten minutes waiting is advisable, simple and convenient operation.

Two, the shortcomings of lettering film: color spot color, need to pay attention to the hot stamping time temperature pressure, to prevent the appearance of the iron on transfers lettering film is not fast. Want to increase the diversity of colors can be through color, color, etc.

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